Freebie/Sample Sites

Freebie and Sample Sites:

I’m on quite a few product testing sites, If you are interested in joining some here are a few that I’m registered on and my referral links.
Some of these take quite a bit of surveys, stalking,  community usage, and time before you actually get a product, so be patient.
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This is one that is ran mostly by community reviews and discussions. You connect all your social media accounts to it and earn badges by reviewing products you’ve used, answering questions about them, sharing pictures about them. Occasionally you will be invited to participate in what they call VoxBox’s, that’s their sample box. You’ll take a short survey at the end of each voxbox to discuss how you felt about the box in total and to give your general impression.

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Takes a lot of surverys to get your score up, once your score is decently high you will be invited via email to try a campaign. Campaigns typically include one full sized item for you to try then do the tasks related to the item. Tasks usually involve documenting how you talked to people in person about the product, posting on facebook, twitter, insta, ect. about the product, as well as leaving reviews on the products actual site.

L’Oreal Consumer Participation Program
You basically just register, answer a few basic profile questions… And then wait. And wait. And wait until you get an email inviting you to take a survey to see if you qualify for the product. I’ve only qualified for one item and it was a new lipstick that were releasing, and it actually was a very pretty shade.
Sephora Beauty Insider Program
This one you gotta pay to get into, and by pay I mean buy makeup from the store and for each product you buy and ever dollar you spend you slowly make your way to the top. Right now I’m a VIB, which means I have a habit, an addiction, and a problem.  The beautiful thing about this program however is that as your points grow, so do the crazy awesome samples you can receive! Normally on check out you can get up to three samples anyways, but with your Beauty Insider points you can get even cooler items, recently I cashed in a few points and got this super cute bag that I use to put my dinner in for work:

 Plus as you go up you are able to get more free things. When I reached VIB status back in May I got a welcome kit, inside was a , VIB membership rewards card, a 10% off  coupon, a card granting me a 45 minute makeup session with a Beauty Adviser, and a Free shipping coupon. Plus the birthday presents are awesome, My birthday was the 7th and I picked up my gift already, it came with two mini NARS lipsticks, which I will be reviewing soon btw.
P.S- I’ve heard that VIB Rouge no longer gets the discount card or the free shipping coupon, but Rouge has free flash shipping so that’s not a big deal. I’m still like $300 away from VIB Rouge so once I find out I’ll let you know… Might not be until next year though. (I actually splurged on my last makeup haul and bought the free Flash shipping for the rest of the year.)

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This is another survery/discussion site. Finish your profile 100% then start on your introductory mission and start talking in the community until you get invited to participate in a mission. I just joined myself so I'm waiting on my first mission still.

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I just joined this one the other day, from what I've seen you make your profile, follow the tutorial to build up your likes and dislikes ect. Then you go through the website and you can like what items you'd like to try and also get invited to try other items or get coupons to get them at a discount. I'll update this once I get a better feel for the site.

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Get paid to give your opinion by doing surveys. You can get paid out either in direct cash (Via Paypal) or via gift cards. Surveys are actually pretty interesting and if you love doing surveys like I do you will love this site. 


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