Saturday, June 11, 2016

Influenster #VividMatte Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Color Review

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Hey guys! Jen here!

First off, shout out to Influenster for sending these lipsticks to me so I could try them. I was able to try both the Nude Flush and Rebel Red and I really loved the color of both and the texture was very smooth and dried without making my lips feel dried out that some mattes tend to do.
When you first apply it the lipstick are both super creamy and shiny, and you can leave it that way if your wish. But if you “kiss a tissue” or blot your lips, instant matte!

Nude Flush is a very nice pinky nude as opposed to a real nude, nude color. It’s perfect for summer and really works with any look. It dries down very matte after blotting.  It really does have good staying power and doesn’t ball up or flake off like many mattes do. I wore it out and about and it lasted about 6 hours, which is including lunch at Chipotle, a drink from Starbucks, and dinner at In and Out. Very good to see it last.

Rebel Red is a gorgeous blue red while still being a subtle red, a total Taylor Swift red color honestly. The color doesn’t really set matte, even after blotting and letting it dry my lips still had a very shiny finish to them. However, it was a tad bit disappointing when it comes to staying power. The color was so pretty and it looked beautiful and sexy with my purple Smokey eye, but it does not finish matte at all and stays glossy/shiny. It also didn’t last hardly as long as the Nude Flush. I want to say it lasted about 2 maybe 3 hours max. Very disappointing because I loved this color so much!! Maybe if I put a matching liner underneath it might last longer but I’ll have to experiment with it.


Pros: Very pigmented and beautiful. The doe footed applicator helps with precise application. Both colors Nude Flush and Rebel Red are very complimenting. The creamy finish of Rebel Red is nice even if it does not finish quite as matte as Nude Flush. Very affordable. Around $8 for each color.

Cons: Rebel Road does not last long and does not provide the “Vivid Matte” look that is promised with these lipsticks. A little annoying that you have to blot first in order for them to dry matte. Most mattes dry matte automatically.

Final Thoughts:

Altogether I was equally impressed with both lipsticks, the Vivid Matte lipsticks do not disappoint in the payout aspect, and the promise of vivid matte is fulfilled by the nude flush, not so much the Rebel Red, but the color is still amazing, for me personally it is the first red lipstick I’ve found that works well with my skin tone. Most reds just do not look right on me, or at least I don’t like how they look. I just really wish that it had lasted longer.

It is important to note that I did not touch up either lipstick during the days I wore them in order to truly test the staying power.
Both lipsticks applied very smoothly and the applicator is a small doe foot which is perfect for precise application. The great thing about them applying so creamy is that if you happen to mess up and smudge your lip line a bit it is very easy to clean up any mistakes with a wet Q-tip or moist makeup wipe.

Again, I was sent the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Nude Flush and Rebel Red for FREE in exchange for my honest review, and that fact has that influenced my review or my opinion what so ever. I pride myself on giving my 100% honest and unbiased review on ALL products I review regardless if it was bought with my own money or not.

So that was my review, if you are interested I will post my referral code for Influenster so you can sign up to receive amazing products like this as well as well as my video review on YouTube channel. I’ll also include the Maybelline website so you can see the entire collection of colors.
Love you guys,


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