Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wave of Beauty LCD Hair Straightening Brush

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Hey guys!

Another hair product review for me!

 It is called the Wave of Beauty LCD Hair Straightening Brush.  

This brush was sent to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review. That did not affect my review what so ever because I've been meaning to buy one of these for months regardless of a discount or not.
Once this brush arrived I wanted to open it right away and play with it, but unfortunately it arrived while I was at work, and then with memorial day weekend and our car getting worked on I had to wait all weekend and ended up opening and playing with it on memorial day.

So the instructions were pretty easy to understand, turn it on and use the plus (+) sign button to turn the temperature up, and use the minus (-) sign button to turn it down, Very easy to use. And it heated up quickly, the paper said a minute but I’m pretty sure it was under 30 seconds to get it to 365 Degrees. Also very cool, the LCD screen on the back gives the temperature reading in Celsius and Fahrenheit,  which is great for those other countries that are normal and use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.  Since only like 5 other countries still use Fahrenheit… but regardless.

First run time I ran this through my hair it really did straighten it very nicely (Just an FYI… My hair was dirty from the day before), and the brush itself doesn’t get that hot, at least not with the temperature set to 360 degrees.  I’m a dumb ass… I totally sat there and slapped my palm against it. Like normally you get that message in your brain that says “Hey dummy… don’t touch that it’s hot!” Yeah no… I didn’t get that, so I touched it… surprisingly not too hot. :D

So after running it through my hair I will say if you grab too much hair and brush it through, it will hurt.  The part with the bristles is a bit raised, so hair can get caught in it. But that isn’t to say it is not a good product, because it straightens the hair amazingly well and even left the ends with a cute up curl which honestly I like more than pin straight hair because it gives your look more of a style and personality.

The best feature to me is the fact that it has an auto off feature.  Now I have a Nume straightener and it doesn’t have an Auto off feature, and since I’m such a forgetful person there has been so many times that I’ve straightened my hair before heading to work and coming home to the smell of burning in my bathroom and finding the damn thing still turned on.  A few other features worth mentioning:
The cord rotates 360 degrees and it is super thick! Very hefty and durable feeling. 
A maximum temperature setting of 450° F (230° C), and the guide book even has suggested temperatures for different types of hair.


Pros: Heats up quickly and brushes your hair while detangling and straightening. Fits easily in the palm of my hand and since the back and handle does not get too hot it is easy to get a firm grasps on the brush. Easy to follow directions with tips and suggestions. Auto-off feature so the brush doesn’t sit in the bathroom hot and cause possible fires. Cord rotates to make straightening hair easily and effortlessly and no worry about the cord getting tangled up. Long thick cord that feels very durable and sturdy. Displays temperature on a light up LCD screen and shows it in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Bristles on the brush do not feel hot to the touch when set to 350 degrees. (Felt like I was baking with all the different temperature settings.)

Cons:  Hair can get caught in the “ledge” between the bristles and the edge. Caught a few loose hairs from my head. The location of the buttons causes them to easily get pushed when straightening your hair.

Final thoughts:

I didn’t find anything about this brush that would make it difficult to use for anyone, except for the location of the buttons. I noticed I kept hitting them when I was brushing my hair. That was a tad bit annoying. My hairs getting pulled out a few times while brushing was annoying, but expected when brushing your hair. Straightens fast and easily. I did it one side sectioned and the one I just brushed it through, same effect on both sides and even though the booklet said it could burn your scalp when brushing if you hit it that did not happen to me at all.

Hope you guys enjoyed my review, love you guys and see you next time.

So if you guys are interested in getting one of these straighteners for yourself you can pick one up here: Wave Beauty Straightening Brush


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