Tuesday, May 31, 2016

John Frieda Salon Style 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush

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Hey guys!

So as I found this item on Amazon and really wanted to get it mainly because I’m horrible at using a curling iron, and I really hoped this could help get some big voluptuous curls. But, mainly because of how gimmicky it seemed. So of course I bought it! I have another gimmicky product I bought, but I haven’t written up that blog just yet, but I do have a video review on it posted on my Youtube channel (Shameless self-plug)

So here it is the John Frieda Salon Shape 1.5  Inch Hot Air Brush.

So right out of the box this thing is seriously huge!!  Kind of dashed my dreams of curls definitely going to get more of a blowout than curls, but I had to try. So the Barrel itself is 1.5 inches and has a good head of bristles on it. 

Turning it on the brush really isn’t that loud! Like I had it on while talking in my video and I feel like you can hear me just fine in it. The brush has three different settings, Low, High, and High cool, but the hair that comes out isn’t so hot that you can’t hold your hand up to it.  Coolest feature, and one that took me a bit to realize, it can turn/spin while you are blow drying it thanks to the cord that is attached to the bottom portion, WHICH can pop off so you can easily clean out the filter at the end! A very cool feature that I wish more products in this category had.

I had just dyed/toned my hair after attempting to dye my hair blonde, yeah… It didn’t come out blonde, either time unfortunately but I am planning on redying it in the next few weeks. Anyways, I decided there was no better time than now to test this out since it had been sitting in my makeup room for a week now just glaring at me like “Why haven’t you opened me?”

After a shower (And touching up my makeup… very badly might I add.) at 12:30am I plugged it and got started. By now my hair was towel dry, so not dripping wet but still damp, so I sectioned it out and started with the bottom part of my hair first and worked my way up.
Oh the faces I make....

I started in low just to see how well it did. The brush did kind of catch in my hair if I did a large chunk of hair, so I learned quickly that you need to work with smaller sections and go slowly if you want any bit of curl, although I did mess up any chance of getting curls because I kept running my fingers through my hair since it felt so soft. The bristle on this brush really does wonders for your hair and I can’t remember the last time my hair felt this soft lol.

Right away I knew I was right, after finishing off this section I didn’t get curls, though I did get a nice little upwards curl that could be worked into a cute style. Once I moved onto the other sections I turned the setting to high and just finished the rest of my hair before attempting to do any sort of style.
Once I finished my head I went back with the brush and started trying to get my hair to hold a curl in it and literally sat twisting it on single sections over and over again, and even if I didn’t run my fingers through it 

I ended up with just a nice blow out look and slightly curly bangs that didn’t even look good…

However, I did end up liking this product because I feel like it is better for my hair than a typical curling iron mainly because of how softly the air is blown out and the main fact that it doesn’t get that hot. Maybe if it did get hotter it would do a curl, but with the way it blows and heats up it is perfect to get a lot of volume out of my normally flat and lifeless hair. It also left my hair feeling so soft like I said earlier and it looked so shiny even my hubby noticed it when I went to bed. That’s right, remember I did this at 12:30, so right after I dried my hair and finished recording I washed my makeup off and went right to bed.

TL&DR section::

Pros: Low heat, three separate settings (Low, High, Cool High), The brush spins easily sine the cord turns. Bottom portion pops off so you can clean out the filter easily. The air isn’t blown out nearly as strong as your typical blow dryer. Could easily take the place of a blow dryer and round brush. Helps get a lot of volume into your hair and the last.

Cons: Barrel is too big to actually curl the hair without possibly damaging it by holding it too long on the heat. The section of the brush that separates the bristles from the handle has a lip that my hair got caught in quite a few times, not sure how this could be remedied.

Final thoughts::

I 've used this a few times since this video and I've been able to get  really nice and decent voluminous look and a slight curl and added a bit of hair spray and it looked good!! I really like this and can see myself using it regularly now, plus it is so much smaller than a blow-dryer, and I won’t need to bring my blow dryer and round brush because this product is both of those in one! SCORE! I fully plan on continuing to experimenting with this and working techniques with this so I can fully appreciate the product. If you are interested I will include the link to my recent Youtube video on this product so you can see it in action as well as a link to the Amazon page so you can pick up one of these bad boys for yourself if you want to.

Much love,



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