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Pur Universal Mount Stand first impression review:

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So I made a Youtube video (A rather crappy one I will admit) about this product as well. If you are interested in watching that to see more of the features I've explained in this post I will put a link at the end of the review.

FCC notification: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review (as always), thanks to the friendly people over at Pur. That fact did not in any way affect my review or how I used this product. I did not receive any monetary payment in return for my review.

So without further ado:

This is the Pur Universal Mount Stand. 

Some of the key features advertised in the 360-Degree base rotation, 180-degree device holder rotation, Non-slip silicone grips that hold your device in place and keep them secure, and suction base to secure the stand to what your desk to keep the stand in place. 

It can fit devices started at 4 inches and up to 11. So mainly target towards iPhones and Tablets with a weight limit of 2.2 lbs. I was a little disappointed right after I started using this stand because I had my digital camera, a small Nikon S3300, resting on the hand since it was too small to be held by it. And just with the arm extended up and angled while I was recording something I noticed right away that the device started leaning backwards, and any attempt I made to adjust the product would cause the suction to lose grip and the stand would fall over.  This really made me worried because if I’m supposed to trust very delicate devices in this product than I want to know for sure that it will support those devices and I won’t have to worry about it falling over and them getting broken.  

There are two different models available, a clamp base that you can turn a dial to attach the base to your desk, or the suction one like I have.
The instructions mention cleaning the suction cups if they lose their suction, and even after cleaning off the cups and letting them dry, they still didn't offer the amount of security I'd want for my devices.
The base of the stand does feature two snaps that is supposed to help with securing the suction cups onto which ever clean surface you’d like, but honestly even with those released and snapped on it didn't help, and seriously I don’t think they really did anything expect add more of look on the base of the stand. Maybe I just didn’t understand how they worked or something thought, who really knows. All I know is even with the suction cups clean, my desk cleaned and these snaps locked in place any little nudge against it would cause the stand to fall.

Along with the suction problem, I also found that the arms themselves were very hard to adjust. They come with alan wrenches to release the tension, but I had a lot of trouble turning them no matter which way I turned the wrench. I was able to get the bottom part to loosen so I could bend the swivel the base around, but I ended up having my husband loosen the rest so that I could bend and turn the arms. And that even took him quite some effort and he isn't a weakling by any standards what so ever.

The actual handle that holds the devices does, in fact, have good silicone gripping and I feel it really holds my phone in place securely, but the mechanism that they used to make the “Hands” extend to fit your devices feels spring loaded and a little cheaper than the rest of the stand. I feel like it is so rough to open the arms that eventually the wear and tear of it might cause it to snap or break making the stand useless. Besides that point, I've already given myself a pretty gnarly pinch on my finger while trying to put my tablet in there. I really don't like getting hurt by my stuff, even if it is my fault lol. It just makes me not want to use it anymore.

TL;DR section for all your skimmers:

Pros about the Pur Universal Mount Stand: It really does fit a multiple of devices, and I feel like it would be very handy for holding Iphones while recording if you don't own a camcorder and tripod, or if you want to watch a movie but don't want to hold your tablet the whole time, etc. The general maneuverability of the device is also a very good feature, it makes it just that bit more handy for different situations.

Cons about the Pur Universal Mount Stand: The suction base doesn't provide the desired amount of stability that you would expect for a product geared towards such delicate devices such as iPhones and Tablets which are very expensive to fix if the screen were to break. Out of the box the product is very difficult to bend and position and the tension is hard to release with the provided allen wrenches (At least for me they were). The spring-loaded clamp to hold devices feels cheaper and breakable. Ouchy=bad.

Final thoughts:
After having and using this stand for the last week, and based on the suction alone, I wouldn't suggest this item unless you plan to sit and tinker with it. I personally would like more stability for my devices, I don’t want to have to worry and get distracted by the stand tipping over just because the arm is fully extended. The clamp base may be better, but I can't be 100% sure on that.  I do plan on continuing to use this product and hopefully figuring out the secret to making this device work the way promised. Maybe I’m just being an idiot and my inner blonde is coming out, who knows.

Update 4/12/2016:

I actually emailed and talked to the company yesterday afternoon and they gave me some tips and advice for using this stand. (For some reason I didn't exactly get that from the paperwork included with the stand what the buttons on the bottom of the base were for, and really feel stupid for not realizing what exactly the buttons on the bottom of the stand was for). After messing with the buttons and cleaning off the suction cups (and leaving them a tad bit wet) I did get them to stick better onto a different desk. The suction lasted quite a while too, almost an hour or two before losing grasp and falling over. So I'm a little more comfortable putting my devices in it, but I will be keeping a closer eye on it and making sure to check my buttons when using the stand.  I really like that the company was so quick to respond to me and help me better understand the functions of this stand and after using it last night to watch a movie while studying (bad Idea I know), i really feel like this is a product I can come to love. I'm still not 100%  confident on the suction ability, but I think as long as I keep a good idea on the stand I can make it work. Like I said before, it is a very handy product, so I don't see any reason not to try to make it work.

Also, I just want to call myself out on it, I'm an idiot. I was using the allen wrenches completely wrong and wasn't getting enough leverage to turn the bolts in order to loosen the tension. OTL. 

I will provide links to my video review of this product, as well as the manufacture site and the amazon page where you can buy this yourself if you don't trust my review and want to try it yourself.

Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed my review. I actually really enjoyed writing it. It was different from what I’ve done on here and I really want to do more reviews like this. I don’t want to just focus on Lootcare and makeup. I want to branch out and post and share more about different items I get. So I hope you are all having a beautiful day (Or night) and I’ll see you next time.


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