Friday, February 26, 2016

January 2016 Lootcrate and LVL Up Invasion Collection

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Wow, it sure has been awhile since I’ve posted huh? Sorry, life has been sort of hectic with school, a lot of essays and writing for it, so I’ve been a little typed out so to speak. Well, I only have about two weeks left, give or take a few days. So hopefully, I’ll be able to post more often. I have a lot to review, the Jeffree Star liquid lipstick I bought, Kat Von D Monarch eyeshadow palette, Colourpop products, I may just have to do a big makeup haul review like I did with the E.L.F post I did a few months back. I don’t want to focus mainly on makeup, there are so many other blogs that do that, so I’m going to try to save makeup posts until I have enough new items to post one big long review. Just to try to stand out a bit. 

Now here is a little late review of the January Lootcrate. The theme was Invasion.

It was a pretty cool crate, We got stuff from Alien, The X-Files, The Fifth Element, & Space Invaders. We aren’t big fans of The X-Files, so we weren’t too excited about the items included related to that. The rest of were really cool and the box was awesome.

Did anyone else spend their allowance at the nearest pizza place or arcade and waste it all on the video games? I remember being 8 years old and mowing the backyard just so I could get a couple bucks to take to the pizza place and exchange half of it for quarters so I could sit play either Galaga or Pacman. Whichever machine happened to be up and running. The other half of my money always went towards books, I’ve always been a huge bibliophilic.

You’ll be proud of me, I actually opened the Magazine and took some pictures this time! 

This was my personal favorite part of the book. How to: Survive an Alien Invasion (For Geeks and Gamers). This was such a funny article. Very good advice such as: Not to trust books, namely those titled “how to serve humans.”, if you’re a Twilight Zone fan then you should get that reference.  Wear a helmet or other protective gear, a lot of aliens like to leave behind things that tend to go for the face, so a helmet is highly recommended.  And a very practical life advice they offer is “As a general rule, if it looks like a spider, it’s probably bad and you should avoid it. “ 

So with the New Year Lootcrate has released these new pins. 

This one is really cool, and we already got our Lootcrate for this month and the pin is just as cool. I really like this little extra effort. And the best thing is, these pins include special codes that you enter into the Lootcrate website to get extra loot! This one has a code for a few comic “Letter 44” from ComiXology. We haven’t used ours yet, so I’m not sure what the comic is about honestly. But the idea is very cool, and I’m excited to see what the following months bring.

I mentioned we aren’t big and of The X-Files, mainly because we’ve never watched it. But this shirt is pretty cool.

I really love how comfy Lootcrates shirts are. I’m a bigger girl and their men's Large fits me like a glove. No complaints on this shirt either it’s a pretty sick design.

It also came with a flashlight…

I get that this box was influenced by The X-Files premier special thing, but I really think they could have included something a little cooler than a dollar store flashlight.  It’s not that bright and it feels very cheap. I don’t know, I’m just used to getting better quality items in the boxes.

Next was the Multi Pass.

When they said that this box would have The Fifth Element items I was seriously hoping for a Funko Pop! Figure of Ruby Rhod. 

2/26/2016                                                      Sony Pictures Entertainment

But this is just as cool. I remember watching this movie over and over as a kid and just loving every second of it. I believe the little insert included is so you can use it to hold your person ID, I’m not too sure and don’t honestly trust using it for that because the thing is just a little piece of plastic that you can slide the card in/out of. Not very secure.

They also included two movie poster prints from “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” And “The War of The Worlds.” 

These were really cool about 9 x8 in size. I love old movies, so these poster prints were really cool to me and had that retro/old school vibe that I love. I have them displayed proudly on my bookcase, but want to get frames for each so I can hang them up.

Another cool little display piece included was a Space Invaders Mini Alien Vinyl Figure. 

This thing was so cool, I didn’t even know they made vinyl figures of this. I’m a huge collector of Funko Pop! Vinyl figures, so this really peaked my interest. According to the box there are about three different color varieties, white and orange, purple and blue, and green and blue. While orange is my favorite color (it was even the main color of my wedding in October.), I’m really happy with the green and blue. It looks more psychedelic and spacey.

Last but not least, we got a face hugger!!!!

How friggin cute is this thing? It’s like “Hi, I’m cute! Not I’m going to attach to your face and implant a baby in there that will explode out of your chest!” So cute right?? It came with a rubber band so you can attach it to your face, but it is just so much better to just use your hand.

 On the tag, they have pictures of the Alien with his tongue sticking out (Little smiley on there too.) and the Chest Burst-er plushie as well. I need them both!! 

And on to Level Up Accessories:

I really really loved how this necklace looked… But I have no friends to share it with. (Cry) I’ve seen a few of the older Star Trek episodes, mainly because of other family members watching it while I was in the room, it wasn’t until the release of the new movie series did I really get into it. This necklace is cool, and without doing any research I am assuming the quote “I am now and will forever be your friend.” Is something Spock or Kirk said to each other in an episode. I’m not 100% sure though so don’t take that as truth.

Final thoughts:

I don’t want to call this crate amazing, amazing would be like “Summoned” where everything in that box we really liked, the only thing in this box that we didn’t like thought was the flashlight and the overlying theme of The X-Files. With every box, there are always different franchises they could have chosen that would have been better fitted or, with this particular crate, me wishing they had included something other than two X-Files themed items. I will probably give this box’s theme a 6/10. The Face Hugger was my favorite item followed by the Space Invader Vinyl and the poster prints. 

The accessory item was fantastic, I understand why there was only one item because the quality of this necklace is really high so I’m sure it is worth more than two items would together. I just wish I had a fellow nerdy friend to share it with. 

So I hope you enjoyed my review of INVASION! Sorry if it’s a little longer than normal, I wanted to try to make up for not posting in a month. 

Hope you are all doing well.


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