Thursday, January 21, 2016

December 2015 Lootcrate and LVL Up Galaxy Collection

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Hi lovelies! Here is my first post of 2016, and it is also the 21st of January, and you know what that means! 
Finally time for a review of last month’s Lootcrate and Lvl Up Accessories! 
Yeah I know they’ve been out for a while, but I like to wait so that there are no spoilers for anyone who haven’t gotten their own lootcrate yet, and seeing as I got this months shipping notice for Lootcrate I think we are okay.

Decembers theme was:

A pretty exciting theme seeing as Star Wars: The Force Awakens was recently released. Needless to say the hubby and I were very excited and hoped for some exclusive merch. (BTW, TFA is an amazing movie and if you haven’t seen it then may Jar Jar Binks haunt your dreams!)
So when we got our box we were very excited to open it and he almost didn’t wait for me to get home before he opened the box. I’m so glad he did though because what was inside was actually pretty cool.

Let’s start with the Pin.

It was pretty cool actually, different from the rest of the pins we had gotten the past year and really stands out on our lanyard. (yes that’s the Agents of Shield badge from the ‘Covert’ box.)

BB-8 socks

The socks were very cool, just disappointing for me at least. They are small, very small. I cannot wear them without feeling like my calves are getting their circulation cut off. They fit my husband a bit better, but he said when he wears them he feels like he is slipping around inside his shoes so he doesn’t wear them often. (Ignore the pure electric sex on the table, during the holidays it goes on the table, rest of the year we keep it in the bedroom as a legit lamp lol.)

The Halo Tin

We are not Halo fans at all, and code for Supply REQ Pack was going wasted with us until we remembered one of his buddies is a huge halo nerd so we gifted the Tin and the code to him for Christmas and he was super appreciative. That’s not to say that it the tin wasn’t good quality. The art on the tin was top notch and looked pretty cool, it was kept shut with the snap-latch and held the rest of the boxes items inside.

Galaxy Quest Emblem Patch

Who doesn’t enjoy sci-fi parody movies? This prop replication created by Quantum Mechanix Inc. under licensing by Paramount Pictures is seriously cool. The stitching is done very nicely and seriously looks movie ready. And the fact that the late great Alan Rickman was in the movie makes this patch all the more special to me. I recently ordered the Snape Box from The Geeky Cauldron in his memory, I’ll be reviewing that too once it gets here. J


I am beyond addicted to these little figures (As I've mentioned in previous posts) and look forwarding to getting them from Lootcrate since my Husband doesn’t like me spending my money on them. When I saw the box inside the Halo Tin I was so excited I almost dropped the box when I picked it up. Han Solo, the OG smuggler. How cool is this Funko? I’m tempted to start collecting just Star Wars Funkos but they are some of the hardest ones to find! 0-0 luckily I got a spirit Yoda out of a trade lately. Han is now resting snuggly beside Leia and Stormtrooper Fin on top of my bookcase.

Last but not least, the Galaxy shirt.

This shirt is a space nerd heaven. Who doesn’t love nerdy sweaters? I myself own a Harry Potter themed nerdy sweater that I wear way too often. The mars rover with his snow man makes me wonder what extraterrestrial creature created the snowman seeing as the rover does not have arms, but who knows. The shirt fits comfortably, I got it in a 2XL female and it’s pretty loose honestly. But then again I am down a few sizes (Whoot Whoot), so maybe it’s just me. I know the XL from Marvel Collectors Corp fits me too, so it might just depend on the brand of shirt and material.

Almost forgot about the box itself!!

It created a #Lootcrate Loot-Cryo box. It was actually pretty cool looking and one of the easiest boxes to fold. If I had to say which box was the hardest for me to put together/fold right it would have to be the ‘Summon’ box, For some reason folding that box was so hard for me. I ended up taping part of it just to make it stay.

Lvl Up Accessories

Same theme as the box, Galaxy. And for once I was actually glad that they decided to do two items from the same franchise.

Darth Vader charm

This little charm is actually really adorable and cute. I have it clipped onto my purse and get a lot of compliments on it. My only complaint with it is that the hoops on it snagged on my knitted sweater and I had to take off that hoop and the clip so now it hangs by the larger hoop that I attached to the front of my purse instead of the zipper just so it won’t snag my sweater anymore.

BB-8 clutch

Coincidence or not who knows, but I happened to get a totally kicka$$ BB-8 scarf from Christmas from my Grammy right after I got this now I have the perfect accessories set. The clutch is the perfect size for days that you don’t want to carry around a huge purse. My phone doesn’t fit inside it but I have pockets for that. My ID, Credit cards/Debit cards, spare change, tissue pack, and a lipstick for touchups all fit inside no problem. I use it daily for week because I keep my ID in it so I can badge in and out without having to take my wallet with me to work. (Leather purse/wallet and dusty work area does not mix well at all.) It came inside a clear clutch that looks like it might be the Deathstar plans or Starkiller/Destroyer plans. 

Final thoughts:
Galaxy was a pretty cool theme, it was relevant to current times also due to the Star Wars release and the items chosen fit the theme very well. I believe the accessory items will last longer and be used more than previous ones. My Pokémon bracelet from the ‘Summon’ collection broke a few months ago and I rarely use the Harley Quinn travel bag from the ‘Villians 2’ collection because it’s on the smaller size and I can’t fit all my products in it when we do travel. The t-shirt was cool, it wasn’t themed other than Galaxy and I believe the anniversary of the Hubble Telescope? I may be wrong, I know it is inside the magazine from the month but I never keep those things for some reason. I’m a horrible reviewer I know.

Anyways, we were very pleased with the Galaxy box, and I was very pleased with my accessories collection. BB-8 is my new favorite Star Wars Character next to the Jawas. I love that sound they say and every time my husband plays Battelfront I run into the room yelling “ootini!!” I’m short enough that I may just be a Jawa for Halloween this year, though I am playing with the idea of being Peggy Carter.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my review for the Lootcrate Galaxy box from December 2015. I hope you all had a great 2015, and that 2016 stated just as great!




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