Sunday, December 6, 2015

Why I do what I do.

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Recently I had an experience on Amazon regarding a review on a product I bought that reminded me why I do what I do and why I started this little blog. The whole premise of my blog is writing and posting honest reviews about the products I buy and use and I stand by the fact that every single one of my posts are written truthfully and the very fact that this happened really shook me up and made me feel like I needed to write about it here for you all to see.

Back in July I ordered these headphones:

 mainly because of the price and because the color options.
They shipped quick, came with easy to follow directions and a charger. I was very pleased with the sound and quality of the headphones and after using them for some months and really getting a full understanding and plenty of use out of them I decided to leave a review on the amazon page.
Here was my review:

I mentioned how well they sounded, threw in how great they are for cancellation quality at the gym, but in keeping honest with my review I made mention how the battery life is less than perfect and that I wish they would last longer. I posted my review and went about my life since, seeing as this was a simple product I didn’t feel the need for a long post about them or posting it on the blog, at least not until I got this email from the sellers.

Who does this? The very fact that they offered to pay me to take my slightly negative review off their post just shocked me. How many others have been silenced just for posting their honest opinion on these products? Is there a chance that it happens more often then we think on Amazon? How many of these reviews can you actually trust when sellers have the option of emailing buyers to change their views?

And that everyone is exactly why I started my blog! I want to make sure that the reviews you are reading are useful and truthful. As I’ve mentioned before in my about me, I don’t want to be responsible for hyping up a product that someone going out and buying it just to realize it’s a completely shitty item. For me I’d feel guilty as heck. It’s lying plain and simple. I did not, and will not respond to this email asking me to sell out. It’s just wrong and disrespectful to me as a reviewer, and to customers as a buyer.

I’m sorry this post is so short, I’m working on making all my posts at least 1000 words to keep them interesting and so that there is plenty of reading material for all my readers, but I felt the need to post this short post just too short of prove to you guys that I’m serious about this stuff and that I stand behind the name of this blog. BlindlyHonestly. I'm standing up for you to give you truthful reviews and my honest opinion of the items.

Do you trust the reviews you read on Amazon? Are you curious just how bought out the reviews you see on those products really are?

Thank you for taking the time to read this little mini rant and posting. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and are getting ready for the holidays. J


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