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November 2015 Loot Crate and LVL Up Combat Collection

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Man this time of year is so busy for us, so I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to posting this review yet! Holidays are always hectic so I’m sure you all understand where I’m coming from when I say I just haven’t gotten around to actually writing the review for November’s Lootcrate, but here it is now for you all. I’m sorry it’s so late, but at least I posted it before the new one got here. 

Lootcrate November Theme: Combat.

With hints for Fallout, Hunger Games, Street Fighter, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I was very excited and it had me jumping up and down for joy. So come November 21st when we received out box I was beyond excited and could hardly contain myself while I waited for the hubby to get home from work so we could open it together.

The items inside were all very cool and fit the theme of “Combat” perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of items in this box.

Look at the art in the box! How friggen cool is this?

Our own little wasteland to display our Pip Boy in! I have a Deathclaw Funko, I’m almost tempted to open the box and put him in there with the Pip Boy.

This was given to my Brother-in-Law because I’m not a Starcraft fan. He said she is called The Queen of Blades.

Got to love the Mocking Jay Pin. Huge fan of the books (Except the ending of the series.) and seen all the movies up to the most recent film in the series. Unfortunately I've heard I'm not missing much.

"Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!!"

These Shredder glasses are the coolest. My husband claimed these as his, but has yet to actually wear them out of the house.


I'm not a big sticker person, mainly because I never have anywhere to stick them, but Cute but Deadly, how fitting. I miss playing W.O.W and seeing all the cool creatures they have. My favorite W.O.W/Blizzard creature has to be the Merlocs. I just now the way they sound when they chase you. 

Final Thoughts:

All together the Combat Lootcrate was pretty cool. I didn’t really read the comic, and honestly I never do, I’m not much of a comic reader but if you guys really want me too, I’ll post pictures of it if you ask along with the book for this box.
I think my favorite items were the Pip Boy Bobble and the Mocking Jay Pin. Next month is Galaxy with exclusive items from Star Wars and Halo I believe, having just seen The Force Awakens Sunday I'm really excited for this and I'm hoping to get something with BB8 or Ray on it. :)

Level Up Accessories: The Combat Collection.

As always, Accessories has the theme as the Lootcrates of that month. So these items were 'Combat' Themed as well, and they did not disappoint. I was very excited that they did two items from different categories relating to Combat, rather than just two items from the same category. 

The necklace is very nice quality, I've worn it almost daily since I got it and it has not turned my skin green, the color/paint has not rubbed off and my hair has not gotten stick in the chain which often happens to me with lower quality necklaces.

The bag is by far my favorite thing I've gotten from Level Up accessories since subscribing. I love pinup art and Fallout, so the combination of the two just makes this bag entirely more epic.

By far the coolest thing about it, is the reversibility. After you unfold it out of the Nuka Cola bottle cap shape it comes in, you can still have the bottle cap on the back as a pocket! Comes in handy.
We used it to haul ingredients to my Mother-in-Law's house for Thanksgiving and we were able to fit everything but the turkey in there.

Needless to say if we were in the wasteland this bag would greatly come in handy. 

Final Thoughts:

I really have to say I was highly impressed with this box. The qualities of the items inside were great and did not lack anything. My only negative comment about this month is that I wish we could have gotten something cooler then stickers, but they did fit with the theme of Combat so I can't complain too much since I'm the one who doesn't like stickers. I'm sure a lot of other subscribers were very happy with their stickers. I didn’t see anything Street Fighter in my crate, but I wonder if maybe in the mystery box that The Queen of Blades came in someone else got a Street Fighter character, or if he was just part of the art and themed videos and that’s it.


If you are interested in subscribing here is my referral code:

And for some fun here are the official Lootcrate Combat videos:

So do you already subscribe?
What did you think of Novembers Lootcrate and Level up crates?
Which month has been your favorite so far?

Have you heard about all the other awesome subscriptions Lootcrate offers now? 

Hope you guys enjoyed the post.


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