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Lippie Stix & Lippie Stix Liner Review Lumière, Dalia, Grunge, Brink *Update 1/12/2016*

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If there is anything about the Kardashians/Jenner family that I’m jealous about, it has to be Kylie Jenner's lips. That pout is so friggen sexy I want it; even if hers aren't naturally that pouty. However, unlike the millions of idiots who participated in the Kylie Jenner Cup contest challenge thingy I decided instead to find a more natural means to prefect this pout on myself. And honestly I think I found the perfect item for that look.

Introducing ColourPop’s Lippie Stix and Lippie Stix liner.

These colors are so beautiful, and if lined correctly your lips will pout the day away! I was first introduced to the brand when I bought their Ultra Matte Lipsticks, Here is the review for those from an older post of mine to remind you. Ultra Matte Lipstick Review

Now, I wanted a color that would be gentle but bold, pop but still have that subtle look to it that I could still wear it to work and not feel overly painted or ridiculous. So like I always do before I buy new makeup, I started browsing around on Insta and a few google image searching. Eventually I came across a color called Lumière. I instantly ran to youtube to watch a few reviews and found a video by Kathleen Lights, a makeup blogger/vlogger/Insta-star who had collaborated with Colourpop to create this color. Just in case anyone is interested I’m going to post the link to her Youtube page below. She has a lot of really good makeup reviews and tutorials and has also collaborated with a lot of other companies on products as well.

After watching her video and seeing how gorgeous the color looked on her I bought the lippie stix and the liner. After shopping a bit more I kind of reflex bought another color, Dalia. This one seemed to call to me, as if little makeup angels were guiding my mouse as I added it and the matching liner to my shopping cart and hit ‘Check out.’ Honestly a bit of a blind purchase, but I’m all for experimenting with makeup and trying different colors and such so I said ‘what the heck, why not?’.

So I sat and waited for it to arrive, I paid directly with my credit card instead of Paypal on this order and I felt like it went through and shipped faster than my previous order did. Within a week I had my new lippie stixs and the primer and I was ready to hit the world. Plus the little note that Colourpop included in my package melted this nerd’s heart. The quickest and easiest way to win me over is using Harry Potter in a compliment. 

They include these in all their orders but I don’t think I got a picture of the one from my Ultra Mattes, but I’m sure it was just as sweet.

Review time!!!

Let me start off with a swatch of both colors with their liners (Primer on under the lipsticks) with and without flash:

Lumière Lippie Stix & Liner:

My first impression of Lumière was one of pure love. The matte dusty rose mauve color was so beautiful. When I tested it out on my skin (I always do a test with new makeup, never know what might break you out!) it had that bit of pop and boldness that I wanted while still looking neutral and elegant. Classy if you will.  I honestly wear this color every time we go out, it goes great with any style. Even if I’m just filling in my brows and only putting on concealer and no foundation this lippie stix still looks like I’m actually putting in the effort to look good.

Selfie time: 

Real moment here: Serious shout out to those who can go out without makeup on. I literally cannot and feel like I’m under a microscope if I go out and about without some form of makeup on. I know that is really bad, and it is something I’m working on. Hey it is almost New Years. Maybe I’ll make that one of my New Year’s Resolutions for next year. Not be so over worried about what everyone thinks about me. Everyone is too busy looking at their phones to look at me anyways, right?

Back to Lumière, I really suggest this color if you are more a neutral lip color person and can’t handle a red or a pink, since it’s right there in the middle with the mauve/dusty rose tone.

Dalia Lippie Stix & Liner:

Dalia scared me. Not even going to lie, it scared the crap out of me. It’s like a matte coco red. I’m about 50 shades of pale over here with dark brown hair; this color really really really pops. Like Vavavoom pops. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful color and the perfect shade of red because it doesn’t have any orange undertone at all. I’m just scared to hell of it and can’t bring myself to wear it out of the house yet.  

I don’t know if it is just because the vividness of the color or what, but I just can’t. I try, I primer, line, and powder then apply and blot and reapply and blot and blot and then look in the mirror… and feel like a clown. I can’t get myself to walk out of the bathroom with it on. It’s sad but true. I’m going to a Mötley Crüe concert on the 30th of this month (Superexcitedicannotwait!!) so hopefully I can bring myself to wear it on for that. xD

Here are some swatches of Grunge and Brink. Sorry they are a little smeared. It was 2 am and I was sleepy. xDD

Grunge Lippie Stix & Liner:

 So I know I promised to try to wear Dalia to the Motley Crue concert... But when I saw Grunge on the site and looked up pictures of others wearing it I honestly fell in love with it! It's a few shades lighter then Dalia and has more red then brown to it even though it is described as a "cool-toned plum brown". It doesn't wash me out like some red do, and seriously I felt so sexy wearing this shade. I felt like a total rocker chick at the concert with this shade. The color is a little deep for some, but if you feel like you could rock it I say go for it. For me, it's my favorite red, and I recently gifted Dalia to my Mother-In-Law. She's Latina, so it looks much prettier on her skin tone then mine.
I wore this shade also on New Years Eve and got So many compliments and introduced a few of the guests at the party to Colourpop as well.

Brink Lippie Stix and Lippie Liner:

Excuse the goofy picture but I seriously love this color! I feel so flirty and free with this color. It's a very nice soft pink/mauve and dusty. The description on the site fits it perfectly. "A warm dusty taupe in a matte finish."  inspired by Kylie Jenner Lips. Which as you all know, is like my Lipspiration, so I knew I HAD to have this lippie. And it does not disappoint. I wore it to my Grandparents 50th anniversary and even my Grammy complimented it saying how professional it looked while still being playful. Can't disagree with Grammy, she knows her stuff. :) All in all, I gotta say this color has become a staple, and I'm constantly torn between Lumiere and Brink daily. 

Final Thoughts.

For me at least I have trouble with super creamy lipsticks, I tent to stay with Matte’s just because once they dry you basically forget about them. I dunno, with lipstick it almost feels like to me that my lips are slimy and it bugs the ever living out of me and I end up wiping the lipstick off within an hour. Not with these. They are creamy, but matte. The way they are formulated you honestly almost forget you put it on until you eat or drink something and see the residue. Even then, just like I said about the Ultra Matte’s, unless what you are eating is super greasy this lipstick is long lasting, I’m not going to lie and say you won’t feel the need to do a touch up because I touch up my lips after I eat and before getting out of the car.

Without the liner they are pretty but honestly do not last half as long, and the liner helps bring out the color and the natural pout in your lips because you can get into that natural curve under your lip to thicken it a bit. The actual shape of the tube helps too since it is slanted you can really fine line your lips with the actual Lippie Stix while applying and get into the arches on your cupids bow without smudging. They really created these in the perfect shape for application and understand how lips are shaped and work.

Only negative thing about these is related to the Lippie Stix Liners. They run low quick and I really wish that Colourpop sold a sharpener that fit the liners perfectly. All the sharpeners I have do their jobs and sharpen, but tend to rub away a lot of the liners since they are so smooth. So I lose a lot of what I sharpened in my sharper. Hunting for that perfect sharpener, so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below about which one you use.

**Update** I found a sharpener the PERFECT size for the Lippie Stix Liner! It's E.L.F and I found it at the Dollar Tree. Comes in a two pack. A large two pencil sharpener and a small one pencil sharpener that is the one I use. 

Also, Did you know Colourpop makes more lipsticks? Checkout their storefront below and see all their great products. When you subscribe to their newsletter you get a free $5 off coupon. I mean common? Why wouldn’t you jump on that?
So have you used any of Colourpop’s other products?
Which are your favorites?
Which colors are your favorites?

Got any New Year’s Resolutions in mind yet?
Who is your favorite youtube makeup blogger?




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