Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lootcrate & Lvl Up+ Accessories October 2015: Time

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Greetings fellow nerds, It’s the end of that month, and that means Lootcrate and Lootcrate Lvl Up + review time!!!

LootCrate TIME:
Just because of the T-shirt and the Sonic Spoon not being for me sorry.

Okay so, Seriously this was one of the coolest Lootcrates ever!! I love Back to the Future and the fact that we got all these cool exclusive items was so exciting! Not to mention the awesome Funko doll. I’m an avid collector of Funko! Pop dolls, so I’m super happy being able to add the Doc to my collection. The sonic spoon is pretty cool, but I’ve never watched a single episode of Doctor Who so I couldn’t really get too excited about it. The same thing with the T-shirt, I’ve never seen Bill & Teds Excellent Adventure, plus the shirt is super super tiny. Doesn’t even fit my husband. So while it is a cool shirt, I won’t be wearing it any time soon. OMG Dat Hoverboard!! It’s so friggen sick! It has now earned a spot on the TV stand in the living room instead of being cluttered on my already overfull bookcase.

It's time for a new bookcase I know.

LvL Up+ Accessories Time:
Cool items, not for me.
Meh. Again, not a big Doctor Who fan. I feel kind of jipped on this months accessories. I mean yeah Doctor Who has a HUGE fan base, but it would have been nice to include two items from two different areas in the TIME category.

**cough cough**Time Turner**Cough cough**
Sorry about that, I think I had something caught in my mouth or something. 

But they are really cool items, just not for this nerd. Thankfully a friend of mine kindly traded me these items for her October Fandom of the Month Bag. 

The theme was Supernatural so I was completely okay with trading lol. 

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