Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Elf Birthday Bundle

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 So I ordered a big bundle of makeup from E.l.f for my birthday. I love E.l.f's makeup so much, it's natural and not tested on animals which is always a plus for me. I'm not vegan or obsessed with vegan makeup, (More power to all the beauties out there who only use animal free makeup, love you guys!) but knowing that I'm putting makeup on my face that isn't used on poor defenseless animals makes me feel better about using it. I'm Still looking for an animal friendly mascara to replace my Benefit Their Real Mascara.
On to the review:

First up is the Perfect Finish HD Powder
Would recommend to even out skintone.

This stuff is weird... I've never used an HD powder before and so I wasn't sure how to use this, I had to look up, It's actually pretty easy to use. You just use your Kabuku brush and brush it lightly over your face to add a finishing touch to your makeup. I also use it to set my concealer before I apply foundation.
I was a little worried putting it on because, as you can see, it's super white. However, once you put it on the powder goes translucent instantly and helps fill in any imperfections like pockmarks/acne scars left showing after applying foundation.
I use it daily now, and I'm actually going to apply a crap-load of it to pale out my face more for my Morticia Addams makeup for Halloween.  (I'll try to post a video of that.)

Translucent Mattifying Powder
Would recommend for oily skin.

I have super oily skin, even using Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet + foundation I still get a good sheen of oil by midday. Thanks to this stuff I can easily matte my face and avoid that embarrassing shine. It comes with a nice little applicator sponge that promises a nice even application, and it doesn't smudge up my makeup when I put it on. I keep it in my purse at all times so I can quickly pull it out and use it.

Matte Lip Color
would not honestly recommend.

This was honestly so disappointing. It does not go on Matte at all, very creamy. When I think Matte I think dry. The color is more of a Cherry then a rich red. I was expecting fire engine red or blood red. Another negative about this lipstick is it doesn't last. I put it on and headed out of town to go set up our wedding venue. (Or at least try to, the venue pretty much asked what I needed done and set everything up for us, it was amazing. <3) We stopped and ate on the way there and by the time we checked into our hotel and finished unpacking it was all gone. So this is good only if you don't plan on eating at all or just want to use it for pictures, but even then it bleeds really badly.

Kabuku Face Brush
Super soft and blends amazingly.

Not much more I can say about this lol. It's a super soft brush, very thick and doesn't hold the product when you use it. I use it to blend my powder when I contour, It blends it in perfectly and i'm not left with any lines at all. Yet another E.l.f item going in my daily use box.

Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
Very nice point, but it smudges.

So, I loved the tip on this eyeliner, very firm and perfect for making straight lines. I'm addicted to winged eyeliner, I don't leave the house without putting it on. I tested it out and waited a minute then rubbed it... Wiped off a little too much for me. I think I'll stick with my Kat Von D Trooper.

Long-Lasting Lustrous Eye shadow.
So pretty and you can control the application.

This eye shadow is so pretty!! I love it. It's practically a cream but it doesn't feel like it when you apply it. I gently applied it on my arm to show you, it goes on very light so you can control the coverage/darkness of it. It has a nice shine to it and it does last a long time. I put that spot on in the morning and left for work, it was still there when I got home just as dark. Very Nice, I used this in Vegas this past week for an incredible smokey eye. I'll redo it and post it on my Insta @Chibi_Jen92.

32 Piece Eye Shadow Palette
Pretty shades and great application
Please ignore my eyebrow, it's not filled in. xD

Now this palette was free for my birthday on the 7th, and I kind of jumped on it and ordered all the rest of these items just to have an excuse to get it. I'm so happy I did though, that eye shadow was put on without primer, and it still looks super good! It goes on great and doesn't have much fallout. It does have a staying problem, but I mean if you rub your eyes the chances of not rubbing off some eye shadow. It applies very nicely even using the little applicator that it came with. I HATE the little eye shadow applicators that eye shadows typically come with, I feel like they don't apply well and end up smudging it everywhere other than where you want it due to the fact that the brush is super hard so there is no give when you apply it like you get with a nice fluffy brush. However, even using the little applicator it came with I felt like it did a pretty good job going where I wanted it to.
I actually used this palette for my makeup at my wedding on the 18th and got so many compliments asking me who did my makeup and what brand they used. Imagine their faces when I said I did it with E.l.f. xD

I hope you guys liked my thoughts on these items, if you have an item you'd like me to review I have my email posted  on my "Lets get Social" page. Any other questions or comments feel free to post below. 
See you next time!


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