Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick

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 So I found out about these colors by a coworker and when I saw these colors I HAD to try them!! I ordered 4 Shades: Avenue, Bumble, Solow, & Tulle. I tried them all out and honestly I loved them. They are just like they say, Super Matte. Once you put them on they are not going anywhere! These aren't sold in any store, strictly online only. They run out of them and sometimes you have to wait for them to restock but honesty they are worth the wait.

There are always Cons/Pros when it comes to Matte lipstick. The colors are always very rich, they last a long time and usually leave a very nice stain behind on your lips when you put them on. A good tip for any Matte, make sure you exfoliate your lips! When you put these lipsticks on be sure your lips are clean and that you have concealer on hand, you are going to need it. That was one of the down sides of these lipsticks. They bleed. Not as bad as Kat Von D’s Everlasting does, but enough to be annoying and have to reapply your foundation to avoid having weird looking lips. 

One thing about these that I have to get used to is just how dry your lips really get with it. They do feel very smooth and velvety, but it’s so dry! I felt like I needed to put chapstick on! When you eat or drink it starts to bubble a little, that’s easily dotted off with some tissue and then fixed with a touch up.

You really don’t need to touch this up very often, and I plan on wearing Bumble at my wedding Sunday because of how long lasting it really is. I will be keeping it on hand just in case I need to touch up however, no lipstick can truly outlast glasses of wine and cake. Sorry but I just don’t believe there is any lipstick that will do that.

So here are my individual reviews of the colors:


So… This color seriously washed me out. I look like a friggen vampire. While this will work great with my Halloween Costume, for an everyday look, I think not for me. Maybe Vegas during our honeymoon, Maybe not. This one has honestly sat in my makeup box since the first day I wore it.


By far my favorite! The color is so complimenting and soft. It’s such a gorgeous color and it can seriously go with almost anything you want to wear be it casual or classy! I just can’t get over how pretty it is. Just look at it. *sigh* I get so many compliments at work when I wear this color. The website calls this a Terracotta color, but on me it's sort of a brownish red.

Another favorite, now when I first put it on I was honestly a little shocked. I’m not a bright person and the pink was such a different look for me. I didn’t think I’d like it and wanted to just wipe it off, but for the sake of testing out the color I left it on and went about my day. As the day went on and I caught myself in more and more mirrors I started loving it, and now next to Bumble it’s my go to color.

Another Vampy color like Avenue. It’s a very pretty shade, but I’m a pale girl. This color is another shade that makes me look like a vampire. Although, unlike Avenue, I honestly think this is more my color and will be wearing it while in Vegas at least one. It’s the perfect nightclub color.

All together I was pretty happy with these colors and could see myself buying more of their shades. I mean look at these colors! 

So many options!! And for $6 a pop you are seriously getting a steal of a deal!!

Fair warning: Everyones Skin-tone is different, These colors have a mind of their own, they may look different on your skin-tone compared to mine or even the bottle/container. Also, just like most Matte's, be careful while eating/drinking. Numerous times have I had these products feather up on my lips while drinking. Nothing a little blotting with a tissue and a touch-up cannot fix though.


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