Monday, October 12, 2015

Younique Touch Mineral Cream Foundation

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Rated: 6/10.
Coverage isn't very good/doesn't last. Highlights unwanted features on skin. Makes a great base however.

Okay so I've been searching for a long time trying to find the perfect foundation that offers full coverage, won't block up my pores/highlight them, won't be ruined by my oily skin, and will last all day for me/my wedding this Sunday. My sister had a friend selling this product line, so I talked to her and she suggested I try the Cream foundation. She said it would perfect for me and do exactly what I wanted. So I decided to say screw it and ordered the Touch Mineral Cream Foundation in the "Organza" shade. Which is For light skin with pink undertones. Perfect.
Shipping was very fast, probably about 3-4 days. I think the price came out to about $40, which is a decent price for foundation. A little on the pricey side, but from how it was marketed to me by my sisters friend I thought it was going to be worth it. Immediately the next day I tested it out. As usual I did my normal routine, face wash, then toner/moisturizer, let all that sink and my skin relax. Then primer and grabbed my beauty blender. (After doing my eyebrows of course.)

Here is my face immediately before and then right after I applied the cream foundation.
(I look very startled in the first picture. x)

As you can see, it highlights all the little imperfections in my skin, while giving you a very nice glow. I didn't like the coverage... It's more of a sheer coverage then full, and my nose pores seriously looked hug. It filled them in so badly I was embarrassed to leave the house.  So of course I added my Make Up For Ever Matte Duo powder foundation on top with a blending brush and kind of just dotted/stamped it on for an even application. I didn't want to sweep because I was afraid I might wipe off the cream. After all that I finished my makeup, (Contouring, eyes, and a little bit of blush.)
All together it looked perfect! Almost airbrushed! I was seriously in love with how I looked. I headed to work and went about my day.

I noticed however, as I sat at work (Security Guard,  So basically I'm just an underpaid and overworked secretary.) my face was really itchy, especially around my T-zone. I already knew that it meant, my oils were having trouble getting through the cream foundation, that or my skin just did not like it. I will admit I was itching a tiny bit, but with the corner of my nail not full on crazy itch. So by the end of the day when I got home I looked in the mirror... Couldn't even tell I had foundation on.

Here's a before/after:

As you can see, SUPER SHINY!!! It had completely melted of unfortunately.

I wore the foundation all weekend as well and same results. By the end of the day the coverage had dropped 50% of what it was when I applied it, and my face was shiny as always. No amount of blotting papers could help. So I will continue my search of the perfect foundation. I ordered some Make Up For Ever Velvet Matte + foundation that will be here Thursday, just in time for me to test it before the wedding Sunday. Cutting it a little close I know, but I literally have no choice.


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