Monday, October 12, 2015

Loot Crate Lvl Up+ September 2015 The Summon Collection Review.

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I'm a subscriber to's monthly box as well as their Lvl up+ so I'll be posting my reviews and thoughts on here for each months box from now on. :)
I loved September's lvl up+ items! So cute! It came with an Eeveelution clasp wallet and a pokeball bracelet.
Rated: 8/10 

The Eevee wallet was actually very well made and had multiple sleeves. It's seriously very well made. It's a better quality then the ones you might get from Hot Topic, but I'm worried that after a few months it might tear or the print might start fading. I really don't plan on using this much if at all. It will most likely become another knick-knack on my bookcase.

The bracelet however I wear every day. I love it. It's super stretchy like a hairband sort of. I'm not a big bracelet person because I have larger wrist, so bracelets tend to cut into my arm, but this is very comfy and honestly I forget i'm even wearing it most of the time.

Update 10.28.15:
My Pokemon bracelet broke last night after I forgot to take it off before washing dishes. I left it to dry on the counter and when my Husband went to put it on the glue holding it together didn't hold I guess and it broke. After looking at it there was barely any glue on there to begin with. I plan on sewing it back together.

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