Monday, October 12, 2015

Coastal Scents Revealed Eye Shadow Pallet

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Rated: 10/10 perfect

Like so many other women I’ve lusted after Urban Decays Naked eye shadow pallets. The colors are so beautiful and I just want to rub them all over my eyelids and bask in their beauty. However, that $54 price tag made my credit card cry; I just couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on eye shadow. 
So I went about my way and tried other brands. I just couldn’t find one that color matched with Naked. I went on Amazon hoping to find it cheaper, nope. But what I did find was this beauty. There are 3 Revealed pallets so far and each one is so beautiful! The palette itself is so thin; two of them easily fit in my (already overcrowded) makeup drawer. I currently own Revealed 1 and 3, I will be owning 2 shortly. The colors in the palettes are the perfect Naked dupe you could ask for. 

They apply so smooth, almost creamy, and they last all day. I use them as eyeliner and eye shadow and I really don’t feel like I have to worry about touch ups at all. My favorite thing about this pallet is there is absolutely NO FALL OUT!! You heard me right, no fall out!! I’ve always hated doing my foundation before my eyes because I’d end up with colors all over my cheeks. No worries with this brand.
So if you are looking for a nice neutral color pallet that will be long lasting and beautiful, I highly suggest one, if not all, of these pallets.

You can get it on Amazon cheap (Prime eligible) here:


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