Monday, October 12, 2015

Bioshock Review

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 This was one on the first games I played that got me back into gaming after a very long break. I love the story lines, the twists, the environments, the characters, the art, everything!! 2K Games really went above and beyond with these games. There’s so much interaction with the environments and other characters. Even though it’s a first person shooter give it a chance!
Some mild Plot Spoilers as well as favorite character highlights in this post. I’ll try not to give too much away and to be as vague as possible.

 In Bioshock you play as Jack, an average citizen who is flying over the Atlantic Ocean when he blacks out, only to find his plane has crashed and he is the sole survivor. After making his way to a life house nearby, he finds a Bathysphere, a sort of submersible elevator. Having no other choice and no other chance at survival, he boards the Bathysphere and takes a ride down. From then on what follows is a story full of twists and surprises, memorable characters and a story-line that really earns more than one play through.

The first two games take place in Rapture, a Utopia under the sea built by one Andrew Ryan. It was meant to be the perfect society, where man was entitled to everything he made and earned without greedy corporate America and society saying he owed it to them. However, because of the very beliefs it stood for, Rapture failed. Anarchy and Civil War has torn apart Rapture, the citizens of the city are now either dead or Splicers, horribly mutated by the Plasmids that was once created to make things simpler. Plasmids are a chemical that re-figures your genetic codes to be able to do certain things such as spark fire with your hands, freeze things, stop/slow down time, and even send hordes of bees after your enemies. You can find these in Vending machines throughout the game, as well as receive them as gifts as you progress through the game and help out the little sisters. 

The Little Sisters, creepily adorable little girls who were genetically and medically altered to produce ADAM, which is used to buy and use plasmids, as well as extract ADAM from dead Splicers.  You will random run into these adorable little nightmares periodically throughout both Bioshock 1 & 2. Be careful around these little Angels… Big Daddy doesn’t like his girls being disturbed. He has a bit of an anger problem.

As for the ending… There are three different endings, and they all depend on your choices and actions throughout the game. They range from sweet and adorable, to OMG I F****ed up, I F***ed up, I F***ed up! So watch your choices in the game carefully; this game has multiple outcomes through the game as well as more than one ending.

All three games in the series are masterpieces in my opinion. I have to say my favorite part of these series is the area. I'm a stickler for the 1960's and anything pin-up/Retro. The flashbacks and just the general atmosphere and design of the environments in all three games are so much fun and to me at least, very spot on period wise.


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